BukU Modernist Cuisine/The bukU Group driven by the Innovation of DIG & BREED™/SEED™, Powered by bukU™ a collaborated model that was developed to achieve extraordinary nutritional benefits, culinary awareness for innovative execution, community driven relationship building, technological advancement, medical prevention, strategic & technological intelligence, educational supported resources, strategic partnerships of alignment, individual & family healthy awareness programs, strategic entrepreneurial success and many other direct enhancements among individuals.

BukU (Beyond Unimaginable Kinetic Unity) Modernist Cuisine, a multi-functional diversified resource technological restaurant brand that provides extreme essential customs of extraordinary dishes of great nutritious values by our very own “Food Network Celebrity Chef Cristian Sanchez”. The Chef cooks by way of the Modernist movement – The Art and Science of Cooking blended with Molecular Gastronomy – a sub-discipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. Its innovative program includes three axes, as cooking was recognized to have three components, which are social, artistic, and technical. We continue to go beyond the limits of the culinary world to advance foods from historical to innovative perspectives. As a core of cooking we have implemented an additive resource featured as “Fire and Ice™” using Fire (LN2 Liquid Nitrogen) and ICE (Liquid Water) to innovatively form and fully define the artistic view of our unique innovative dishes.

Nate Couser Owner/CEO/President
3001 Dallas Parkway Suite 550
Frisco, Texas 75034